Besides being one of the world’s hottest racetracks, Miller Motorsports Park has one of the industry’s most impressive auto racing museums around. The MMP Museum is truly a hidden jewel—for what it stands for and for what it has on display.

The museum is a place for all to enjoy, from the extreme car fanatic to the casual person just showing up for a race. On the showroom floor are 20 vintage racing cars, many of which are worth millions of dollars apiece.

But old cars that used to win races left and right don’t entirely dominate the museum’s display floor. Perhaps the most talked about car at MMP is the brand-new Ford Mustang FR500S.

The museum is open whenever there is a racing event at MMP. It is also open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no set admission price, but a $5 donation is requested that goes to charity. Groups can call ahead for a guided tour. Call (435) 277-8000 or see


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